Elizabeth David 1951.

You never know what will spark another adventure. Rose is suddenly Hungry for Funghi…

Pretty but poisonous.

She goes in search of fungi in Beacon Hill Park…the first ones she finds are a nice size, but poisonous…



Yellow Bracket Fungus.

The next one wouldn’t fit in her Basket.



Prima Strada Pizza Oven.

Apparently it isn’t quite mushroom season around here. Rose takes her mushroom craving to Prima Strada Pizzeria.



Pizza de Funghi.

The Prima Strada mushroom pizza is the best ever!



Prima Strada Pizza Delivery.

Feeling magnanimous, Rose gets mini-pizzas for all the Quimper Hittys and carries them home on her Vespa!






8 thoughts on “Funghi

  1. Mushrooms – my favorite. I see a lot of them in my garden usually growing on wet wood or in the grass, they look beautiful, but I dare not eat them. Love the picture of Rose under the Yellow Bracket Fungus. Nice of Rose to carry pizza for the girls. I need to get Bella to so something like that for her sisters. Thanks for sharing.

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