Ariadne Auf Naxos


Constance is plugged in

Constance attended the latest production by Pacific Opera Victoria last night.  She always tries to study ahead of time to make the most of the occasion.  The music of  Ariadne Auf Naxos by Richard Strauss was very lovely, but Constance had to pay attention to keep the plot of this one straight….

Ariadne 2

Ariadne 2

The story is this: two after dinner entertainments are scheduled at a rich man’s party, a serious opera and a burlesque.  The dinner goes beyond the allotted time so the rich man demands that both plays be performed simultaneously. The serious play is about abandoned Ariadne, weeping on her island and begging for death, the second one involves the ravishing Zerbinetta and her four lovers…naturally combining the two results in chaos (beautifully sung). Constance’s enjoyed the entire opera, but her favourite characters were the Young Composer, and Zerbinetta.

We wonder if the dispute between promoters of  “Art for the cognoscenti” and “Entertainment for the populace”  will ever be resolved…



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12 thoughts on “Ariadne Auf Naxos

  1. Constance once again leads the way into an arena of life the Müttersholtz Hittys know little about. Thank you once again for expanding our horizons through opera.

  2. The Country Hittys were rather confused by this opera…They listened to intently today on NPR but seemed a bit
    dazed by the multiple plots and chaos! Obviously they should have consulted with Constance ahead of time. Thank you for clearing up some of the plot lines for us. And as usual….very fun photos!!

    • We went out to a live performance of Ariadne on Friday night…and heard a different Opera broadcast today on Saturday afternoon at the Opera… They are by the same composer: Der Rosenkavalier. Some day we’d like to see that one!

  3. I’ve been working in Opera for 38 years now, mostly as a Property Master, but with occasional stints as a carpenter, electrician, or on one memorable occasion as a Technical Director.
    For most of that time, I have been watching attendance wane and company after company closing it’s doors. And I have endured ridicule by my fellow stage hands (who mostly work rock shows and corporate events) as “The Man Who Loves Opera Too Much”.
    Thank you SO much for the reminder that there are still people out there who will give themselves up to a performance, take it all in, and be transformed!

  4. You are welcome Mr Den. And thank YOU for the behind-the-scenes contributions that make it such a pleasure to go to, watch and listen to Opera at the Theatre, screen or the Radio! How is it possible to Love Opera too much?

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