Harmless, really

Harmless, really

Rather than an out and out altercation, Mungo and Mr Hopper have a little chat. Mungo decides he is not such a bad fellow after all, and Mr Hopper promises to refrain from nibbling at kilts in any form, including very small ones, no matter how tasty they might appear.



Mungo and Claude

Mungo and Claude Hopper

Then, Mungo discovers that the old adage is true, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast”.  He has also discovered that the charming Mr Hopper’s first name is Claude, and that he has a musical bent…they have a great time until bed time, when Mungo directs Claude to the guest room..


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12 thoughts on “Fun!

  1. Good on Mungo for his peaceful solution. Though peaceful, bagpipe and banjo are words that do not naturally fall together. Perhaps at a Hitty size, they are pleasant together. And even if not, they must be preferable to the clanging of swords.

  2. Claude Hopper? Oh that is too funny. . Mungo is a wise lad…and music doth hath charms to calm the savage beast and obviously the not so savage beastie. I am still chuckling over his name…. Thank you for a great story and wonderful photos!!

  3. Although I am concerned that Mungo might learn bad habits from Claude Hopper (!), may we at Wren Cottage Hittys put in a plea that he not be put out into the cold until spring? We are distressed at the idea of him roaming the cold and inhospitable outdoors until the weather has warmed up !!

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