Hanky and Sweets at the Ready

Hanky and Sweets at the Ready

Some people get headaches from listening to Opera.  Constance, on the other hand, finds that immersing herself in a musically gorgeous world of make-believe relieves her stress levels.  She was glad to forget the trials of real life (troublesome visitors etc.) for a while and float away into the world of poetry and song.  Of course Werther doesn’t have a happy ending, but she has her hanky at the ready, and with frequent application of these aptly-named sweets, she is able to get through all the sturm and drang.



The Opera is based upon The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe.  Constance, having just read Frankenstein in celebration of International Women’s Day,  knows that the monster discovers  Goethe’s novel in a portmanteau, reads it and sympathises with the misunderstood and rejected poet.

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12 thoughts on “Werther

  1. Werther, Goethe and details of Frankenstein are unknown to me, but I do know, that Constance seems to always know just what to make of most situations. I believe I would use Constance as a doll to go to when something unknown was puzzling me.

  2. Lovely lovely. We also enjoyed the opera…or at least most of it. Sadly we can only listen to it on the radio so
    much of the “action” escapes us.. However the NPR announcers always do a nice job of explaining the story prior to the start of the opera. My girls listen intently and then proceed to just make up things as the opera goes along.
    I believe that “culture” might be wasted on us country bumpkins! Wonderful that Constance is there to bring
    enlightenment to us! The candy is a very sweet addition.

    • What you missed was the smouldering eye and stubbled jaw of Jonas Kaufmann, sigh, not to mention his gorgeous coat and progressively disheveled cravat. And a lot of blood at the end.

  3. My daughter read The Sorrows of Young Werther last year and hated it. It was far too maudlin for her. I tried to read it with her but decided that life was too short to read something I didn’t enjoy reading. On a brighter note. I love those little aptly named candies!!!!

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