Admiring the altar

Admiring the altar

On a beautiful sunny spring afternoon, Eugenia and Hattie went to the Chinese Cemetery in our neighbourhood. Since last Saturday was Quingming, there were lots of flowers, joss sticks and oranges left on the altar for the ancestors.


The Chinese Cemetery is located in an area with good Feng Shui and was made a Canadian National Historic Site in 1996. 




6 thoughts on “Quingming

  1. very interesting. Looked up the link you provided. Interesting that so many cultures have a day that honors the dead with tomb or grave ornamentation. What an interesting spot this must be to visit. Thanks!

    • We are very lucky and live only half a block away from the Chinese Cemetery…on nice days it is a gorgeous walk, but in windy weather we actually get salt spray splashing on our house!

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