Andrea Chénier

French Revolution in Music

French Revolution in Music

Constance has some unexpected company today for CBC Radio’s presentation of Andrea Chénier on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.  The Argentine Girls don’t want to miss the performance by their compatriot Marcelo Álvarez.



The story takes place during the French Revolution, and involves an aristocratic girl, a former servant in a position of power, and a lovesick poet…and naturally there is much passionate singing while they all edge their way toward their destiny with Madame La Guillotine

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4 thoughts on “Andrea Chénier

  1. how lovely for Constance to have company today at the opera. We were only able to listen to a bit of it on the radio before having to attend to chores. The ladies all look properly attired for a opera afternoon.

    • Perdita, Gracia and Eugenia were glad to hear Marcelo, Constance was glad of the company, and also glad the conductor lasted to the end of the Opera, as it sounded like he was suffering from a Dreadful Lurgy.

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