Opera Ticket

Opera Ticket

Luckily for us,  Victoria is a smallish city that loves opera…three times a year we are able to go to live productions right here in our own town!  The final production of the 2013/2014 Pacific Opera Victoria season, was the Marriage of Figaro which we were lucky enough to see at the Sunday matinée




Barbarina's pin

Barbarina’s pin

It was a gorgeously fun production, with a charming cast, sumptuous costumes, and a splendid Versailles-like set.  The enthusiastic singers connived, entrapped and forgave each other surrounded by giant mirrors which revolved to conceal, disguise and reflect the crazy antics. It was a little mind-bending to see Cherubino (a trouser role – usually played by a mezzo-soprano) played by a counter-tenor.  This meant that watching the plot unfold we would usually see a woman playing a man, who is then disguised as a woman to escape from trouble.  But instead we saw a man playing a woman playing a man disguised as a woman…it all made sense when you saw it!


Coming from a family involved in textiles and costumes, we were delighted to see the 18th Century clothing, including stomachered sack-backed dresses for the countess, and embroidered satin for the count.  We did spot a patch on the count’s breeches knee however (horrors) and the only jarring flaw in the overall costuming was the 19th century cloak and bonnet worn by Susanna/the countess in disguise, in the last act.  We loved the lachrymose song to a lost pin sung by Barbarina  – a very nice textile reference…in the 18th Century, those yards of satin brocade would have been largely held together by pins!



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8 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Yes, it does sound like a treat. Thank you for the summary. Can we see Constance’s outfit totally in the front? It looks very lovely…looks like she’s working at the pink princess theme.

  2. We listened to it on the radio but of course that did not do justice to it. So happy to hear your snapshot description. And may we say that Constance looks smashing!!

    • Constance is delighted that you approve her attire, she has requested a different skirt though, the one she has on in these pictures properly belongs to the Vermeer outfit!

  3. Marriage of Figaro – One of my Mozart favorites – How fortunate that Contance gets to watch it – Hope one day I can too. Love the music as well. Thanks for the information.

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