La Cenerentola



Today was the last Live in HD transmission from the Metropolitan Opera this season. La Cenerentola, or “Cinderella” by Giacomo Rossini was first performed 197 years ago!  In his story there is a wicked stepfather instead of stepmother, and a philosopher instead of a Fairy Godmother.

Poor neglected Cinderella, in suitably shredded garments, laments her fate, and longs to go to the ball.




Glass slipper

Glass slipper

But of course she eventually ends up marrying the Handsome Prince…Constance  sticks with the glass slipper version of the story.  However the censor in 1817 Naples refused to allow a lady’s ankle to be displayed in public, so in the opera Cinderella is identified by a bracelet.

The usual mean stepsisters, confusion, disguises, and happy endings make this a familiar story despite the liberties in the libretto… It was very amusing and a melodious opera, and beautifully sung, and a hilarious production with which to end the performance season of operas.


Next fall we will attend live performances by Pacific Opera Victoria, and a new season of “live at the MET” broadcasts.  Until then, we’ll enjoy the CBC Radio Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, and possibly have some truly awesome fun with an in-house opera project this summer!

The Glass slippers in the picture are resting upon a pink satin pillow, decorated in blue crochet, which was one of the treasures in a box of treasure we received last fall.

Click Here if you want to see some of the other uses we have made of that Box of Treasure.



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10 thoughts on “La Cenerentola

  1. So lovely to have this review of the opera and wonderful to see Constance getting into the full spirit of it with her costume and fabulous glass slippers. What fun!

  2. What a fun post! The glass slippers are amazing!! Constance is lovely and her transformation into the soon to be bride of the royalty is very convincing!! We have so enjoyed the opera updates and your gorgeous photos.

    • Constance certainly enjoys dressing up! She is very happy to have a following for her Operatic reviews – she thinks it is a fine old tradition, and one worth commenting on. She hopes to encourage listening to and appreciating live performances of all kinds!

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