Flowerbox of Berries

Flowerbox of Berries

Constance and her human spent last week house cleaning, and the weekend with friends visiting from Ireland… We woke up yesterday morning, and Suddenly it was June!

Constance's favourite food

Constance’s favourite food

We took our friends on a scenic drive, ending up in a lovely garden in North Saanich, where we found to our delight, a flowerbox attached to the garage, with Constance’s favourite food in a state of perfect ripeness…



Heaven on earth

Heaven on earth

and Constance reveled in wild Strawberry bliss.





8 thoughts on “June

  1. always a delight to see Constance in her natural element…BERRIES!! It is June in Mo also and everything is abloom. Hope the house cleaning went well and the guests are and were delightful.

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