Takata Bonsai Garden

The bamboo Fence

The bamboo Fence

Constance, Patience and Min make a visit to the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.  They have a very particular destination in mind and so are wearing their appropriate clothing.

At the Tea Pavillion

At the Tea Pavilion

They admire the construction of the Tea Pavilion and wish they could kneel properly and honour the ceremony.  Alas while their spirits were willing, their pegs were not.



Three Beauties

Three Beauties

Min was highly amused that we could hear the sound of a Microwave’s beeping emanating from the Tea Pavilion.   Patience thought it rather interfered with the serenity of the moment, but Constance thought we should just go with the flow…



Constance in the Bamboo

Constance in the Bamboo

The next part of the Garden is the main reason we visited the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific today…Constance leads the way.

For more information about the Takata Japanese Garden at the HCP Click Here.


The Human and a couple of Hittys are away for a few days, we will be showing some pictures from the Takata Garden while we are out of town.  I should have internet access and be able to reply to your comments should you write any!



8 thoughts on “Takata Bonsai Garden

  1. More great photos. The girls are so very charming intheir proper attire. I smiled at the microwave comment and of course Constance would be the soul of forbearance!!

  2. We all wish kneeling was easier! The microwave was a surprise, but Constance can make herself comfortable in almost any situation, especially if there is a possibility pf tea!

  3. Reblogged this on Fleur Makes Your Dreams Come True! and commented:
    I’d like to share with you these beautiful photos I found on Quimper Hitty’s blog, taken at a real bonsai garden – make sure to click through and see them all 😀
    Dzisiaj chcę pokazać Wam piękne fotografie znalezione na blogu Quimper Hitty, zrobione w prawdziwym ogrodzie bonsai – kliknijcie na link aby zobaczyć je wszystkie 😀

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