On the way to the mailbox, Constance and Agathe were caught in a tremendous downpour complete with thunder and lightening. They sat it out under the porch railing…





After which they collected a parcel from the mailbox, which contained numerous beautiful Hitty-sized buttons in it, and a letter addressed directly to Agathe…Thank you so much, Country Hittys you made our day!




17 thoughts on “Downpour

  1. We love a good storm! It is so dramatic – and then there is such a comfortable feeling when you dry yourself off and sit in your robe. A mug of hot-chocolate drink woud have been nice whilst you read your letter, too.
    What lovely buttons, just right if you happen to lose one from your beautiful clothes.
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xxx

    • It was an exciting storm, we don’t often get thunder here, nor such a deluge all at once. We love the buttons and may sew some to the back of Agathe’s dress (it is fastened with a pin at the moment).

  2. The girls are such fun to see …wet or dry!! Loved the pic of them sitting on the railing watching it rain. We had the same rain here in MO this morning!! Complete with lightening and thunder. As usual your story and photos are delightful. Thank you for a smile in my day.

  3. What a nice picture of both girls clothes drying, while they examine the cute little buttons. The picture with the rainbow is just awesome.

  4. The photo of the girls sheltering from the storm is really atmospheric – a classic. Lovely view after the storm too. And I can’t let the Wren Cottage Hittys see the beautiful bathrobes because I will be nagged … So comforting to see warm girls after the wetting 🙂

    • The were glad of a sheltering porch rail and I was glad to spot them sheltering under it!

      The bathrobes were for sale at the chemist’s shop, attached to a sachet of really horrible perfume. We washed them well before admitting them to the Hitty Cupboard closet!

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