Reading Girls

Reading Girls

This Quimper Hitty trio has decided to spend the day reading…

Patience and Agathe are working on getting Tatty familiarised with her letters!




16 thoughts on “Reading

  1. They look so sweet together! It is great to see them all side by side, so we can really notice the different expresions.
    Come on, Tatty! You can do it, and reading is so much fun, especially in winter when you don’t want to go outside.

  2. Very sweet… before they help her get familar with the lettters….I think they have to teach her how to get the book up the right way! 😉 Nothing better than being snuggled up with a book.

  3. I suspect that Tatty believes adventure lies elsewhere but I am sure that the girls will be able to win her over to the written word and the wonderful world of books. Oh the places she will go and the things she will read about!!
    A very sweet interlude with your lovely girls.

  4. Patience looks like she is ready to lose her patience with Tatty if Tatty doesn’t try harder to learn to read!

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