Reading 2


Cat Book

Cat Book

Eugenia is having a bit of trouble reading the cat book…

The Quimper Hitty human is away for a few days at a friend’s wedding!




6 thoughts on “Reading 2

  1. interesting as this is what the cat does here at the Humans house!! sits on the book, under the book etc. I think Eugenia will have to give up reading and just pet the cat!! Cute photo. Hope the Quimper Human is having a very good time!!

  2. Delightful and typical cat scene 🙂 The Quimper cat is learning feline ways fast – never does to allow these inanimate things to take the attention for too long! Hoping that the Human is having a convivial time and will not be greeted with chaos at home, because whilst the cat’s away, the mice ….

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