Reading 3


Reading in the Woods

Reading in the Woods

Min likes to read scary stories – she has a good imagination…

The Quimper Hitty human is away for a few days at a friend’s wedding!




11 thoughts on “Reading 3

  1. Brave girl Min! I don’t like sary stories for exactly the same reason….. I have such a good imagination that I quite believe the scary things in the story might happen to me… But Mary is like you, she loves being given a fright.
    Enjoy the scary thrills!
    Roberta Not -Quite-Hitty xxxx

  2. Good gracious…I do enjoy a good scary story myself but that wolf peering in on our little Min is kind of terrifying!
    Very very clever photo!!

  3. I hope she has good eyesight as well as a good imagination!! And fast little legs, or hiding skills 🙂 However perhaps her imagination will conjure a really sweet curious and cuddly wolf, because I believe they aren’t quite the Big Bad that they are so often made out to be 🙂 Perhaps she could have a Nils Holgersson type adventure riding on the back of a nice warm wolf 🙂

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