Reading 4

Mungo's poetry

Mungo’s poetry


Today is a special day – and all the Hittys are spending time with books…Mungo reads his favourite poetry…

Carya's Fairy Story

Carya’s Fairy Story

…Carya likes to lose herself in Fairy Tales…



Constance helps Zipporah

Constance helps Zipporah

Zipporah would like to write her memoirs in a blank book.  Constance is delighted to help with the spelling, as it means spending time with one of her favourite books.



Mary Ann Reads

Mary Ann Reads

There are many good books to learn from, and Mary Ann reads the one that makes sense to her.



Happy International Literacy Day!

 Click here for a link to the International Reading association.




10 thoughts on “Reading 4

  1. My, Mungo is a braw wee laddie. He must have mighty muscles to lift his favourite book, and to puff up those pipes too!
    How wonderful to see them all enjoying the special literacy day.

  2. Just lovely!! Every day is reading day here at the farm so this series of photos touched us! . Love all the pictures of the “family” reading and composing. Perhaps someday we will read Zipporah’s memoir!! Must mention that Constance and I share a love of our unabridged dictionaries!! learn a word a day, use it every way!!

  3. Always delightful to see the small folk reading – I love the books – and to see old friends – and love Carya’s print dress. We await Zipporah’s memoirs with bated breath …. love the rug that Mary Ann is sitting on and her wee lamp, and wondering whether it is (oil) or (battery) powered!?

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