Plaited Twill Finishing

A lot of Ironing

A lot of Ironing

The plaited twill tea towels are off the loom!!! After hemming and washing Constance helps with ironing and snipping tail ends of wefts…

Which do you like?

Which do you like?

One to keep and two to give away…but how will we chose which we like best?






12 thoughts on “Plaited Twill Finishing

  1. If I were you, I’d keep all three and swap off using them. They are delightful. So sweet of Constance to help with the pressing. She has a very giving nature.

    • The hard part will be choosing, but one is destined for a friend whose birthday it is a week tomorrow, and the other will sit in my stack of things to give away – I can never decide if I should keep, or give away the one I think is nicest…

    • Thank you! I like them a lot, but I see every flaw of course, sigh. We had a threading error in the sleying, which looked like a tension issue! Now we know. The birthday recipient won’t notice though, even though they are not perfectly perfect.

  2. They are all very nice. It seems a shame to wipe dishes with such finery.
    Constance could have spent days with that ironing. I am sure she was greatful for human help.

  3. we are quite enchanted with not only the very very lovely towels but also that charming iron and ironing board.
    It is always a joy to see Constance at work and play. Those towels are just wonderful!! It would be very hard to not keep ALL of them!!!

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