A Night in the State Bed

Not much Sleeping Happening

Not much Sleeping Happening

As a special treat for the special guest, Agathe and Opal spent the night in the Quimper Hittys State Bed!

And then....

And then….

But in the morning when Min sneaked in to see them, they were still talking and hadn’t even got their pajamas on…


9 thoughts on “A Night in the State Bed

    • It is indeed a Bed of Glory! The Quimper Hittys are also almost afraid to sleep in it, with the silk duvets, linen sheets and lacy bed-curtains! Such luxury was undreamed of, but it was a gift from a dear Hitty friend in Quebec.

  1. Oh yes THE BED!! A pleasure to see it again. Truly an honor to share that bed.
    They are going to have such a wonderful visit. Heck they already ARE having a wonderful visit.

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