Halloween 2014

Halloween Feast

Halloween Feast

A Quimper Hitty Halloween feast occurred last night…

Kitty Costumes!

Kitty Costumes!

…and Opal and Agathe wore their brand new calico cat hoodies!


Book from Esther

Book from Esther

Hatty read them stories from the Robertson Hittys Halloween adventures…

Yorick jokes

Yorick jokes

…Min was entertained by the infinite jests and gibes of Yorick…


Milk and Smarties - Yay!

Milk and Smarties – Yay!


…and they all enjoyed the trick-or-treat loot.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

We hope you had fun  last night – we did!


Thanks to Linnea and her human who provided the amazing cosy and perfectly fitting calico cat costumes for Opal and Agathe!


12 thoughts on “Halloween 2014

    • They are lucky, but the Quimper Hitty human takes no responsibility for the design or production – only the yarn, and the felt ears and tails! The talented daughter of the human household designed and knitted them for Opal and Agathe. She made a grey tabby hoodie for Linnea as a prototype!

  1. We’re gobsmacked by the amazing little hoodies. All the rest is picture perfect as well.
    And to think that all the Hittys at our house got to do was stacking pumpkins and guarding goodies for the big people!

    • Aren’t they great? It is so nice to have Hitty friends who understand the need for Hitty accessories…speaking of which, the Quimper Hittys very much appreciated the magic milk glasses!

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