Pet Therapy

Another Lurgy

Another Lurgy

Another dreadful lurgy has appeared in the Quimper Hitty Cupboard, and Constance has succumbed.

Enthusiastic felines

Enthusiastic felines

…Opal and Agathe are hoping to make her feel better using feline therapy but Mary Ann says no.

Come out Come out, wherever you are

Come out Come out, wherever you are

So they have gone off to play Hide and Seek instead.

Peace and Quiet and Cats

Peace and Quiet and Cats

Constance feels better already!




15 thoughts on “Pet Therapy

  1. So sorry about the lurgy. Perhaps time spent in that lovely little Hitty bed (with curtains) would speed recovery? I do think though, that Constance looks very snug where she’s at. May regained health come soon.

    • Constance’s nightdress and night cap were made from a linen hanky – part of the “Box of Treasure”. She likes wearing them, but would just as soon not have the lurgy hanging around at the same time!

  2. I love the feline therapy outfits. Adorable!!! And dear Constance resting so peacefully after sending the two
    “therapists” away…wonderful photos and wonderful scenes. Love the calico cat and the girls in their outfits.
    And then there is sweet Constance in her oh so lovely nightie. I have so enjoyed this days offering of fun.

  3. Hope Constance feels better soon. She has on a lovely outfit (nightdress) and I think she is enjoying resting with all the attention.

  4. I don’t see why not, animal therapy is well documented to have a positive effect on patients! I declare if Opal and Agathe came to visit me during a lurgy I would feel better instantly. … But I suppose Mary Anne has experience in these matters. Hope Constance gets better soon! xox

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