Tansy’s purchases


Tansy's purchases

Tansy’s purchases

The result of Tansy’s shopping spree in China!

She loves her princess outfit, complete with jacket, tunic and head piece. The charm will bring good luck to the Hitty Cupboard and the six little kids are holding hands around a useful box to put things in…

EDIT: it has just come to our attention (we were shamelessly eavesdropping on Hitty Cupboard chatter) that  Tansy briefly considered running away to join the Puppet troupe, but decided she liked the ability to return to the comforts of the Hitty Cupboard. We are sure that all of us have dreams like this when in exotic places far from the daily routine and thus can hardly deny her the same kinds of dreams. But we are very glad that Tansy was sensible enough to come home, despite the extra pull from her Hitty heritage that features so prominently extended and unexpected travel around the world. This video is of a show that really set Tansy’s heart itching to run away.




15 thoughts on “Tansy’s purchases

  1. Oh, I am so glad you edited the post and added the story about Tansy flirting with running away. I am very pleased she decided to come home, it might be lonely on my next trip in the field, if she deigns to come with me.

    And isn’t it difficult to not eavesdrop on the Hittys, they are so interesting? Sometimes in fact one has no choice, when all are together and sharing an excited chatter, it can fill all corners of the house.

  2. we can certainly understand her impulse to run away and join the troupe! How exciting. Our own Marie Claire is forever trying to run away and become a chicken farmer!! Lovely photo of Tansy in all her finery. Oh won’t the girls have fun during all of the Chinese holidays!! We are so glad that Tansy came home to the Hitty Cupboard!!

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