Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

After scouring the local bakeries for something brunch-y to take home, the Quimper Hitty human decided upon these items from Patisserie Daniel.

A better use for ribbons

A better use for ribbons

…Opal and Agathe think that wrapping ribbons around sausage rolls is a silly idea, and have hijacked them for their own purposes.

Sniff sniff

Sniff sniff

The cats think they are very interesting…



8 thoughts on “Ribbons

    • Dithering at the bakery stopped immediately once we saw the ribbons! While they do appreciate their feline friends, Opal and Agathe are considering doing laundry to get the sausage roll smell out of the ribbons!

  1. Those Quimper dolls are so versatile, enthusiastic and full of good eating….what lusciousness there must have been after the ribbons were confiscated.

  2. How incredibly strange wrapping ribbons round sausage rolls! I can well imagine the cat is finding them interesting, I bet they smell scrumptious! Great idea for the ribbons, much better use for them.

  3. Ahhh those clever HIttys! Always thinking ahead. Kind of a cute idea for packaging a baked pastry but seems like they might be more apt for sweet things. Like Opal and Agathe!! Good luck to the kittens in their quest to capture the ribbons.

    • I think they are much nicer wrapped around Opal and Agathe, but on the other hand, if the sausage rolls hadn’t had ribbons, I might not have been tempted, and then the girls wouldn’t have got the ribbons that made them happy all day (not to mention resulting in the company of the cats all day…)

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