Tatty Butternut’s sister

Tea with Cherry

Tea with Cherry

The human has been ignoring the Hitty cupboard today…and late in the afternoon little Tatty found an incipient sister made of cherry wood rolling around.

 Tatty decided to offer her tea, even though they haven’t been introduced, but unfortunately cherry-Hitty doesn’t have eyes yet, and can’t see how delicious everything is!


16 thoughts on “Tatty Butternut’s sister

  1. Looms have been working, tables have been laid, knives have been carving, food is always being made…my goodness, you have a very busy household. Looking forward to seeing cherry-Hitty.

  2. Tatty is such a resourceful little soul! Leave it to her to find a future sister just lolling about in the cupboard. And I agree with everyone that she looks to become a really lovely member of the Quimper household. I am sure she
    and Tatty will be dear friends. After all how could one NOT love Tatty!!

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