Special Tea

Gleam in Tatty's eye

Gleam in Tatty’s eye

A gaggle of Hittys accompanied their humans to tea at the Empress.  They complied (some of them reluctantly) with the dress code, and they ogled (all of them enthusiastically) the lemon cheesecake, chocolate teacup truffle, pomegranate coconut ball and cinnamon shortbread…

The torsos are just as happy

The torsos are just as happy

 Who knows when the next opportunity for such an elegant occasion will arise?  The two unfinished girls came along, and happily observed proper decorum as far as they were able in borrowed chemise and raincoat. Little incipient sister Carline had eyes pencilled in right at the table so that even she could view the delectable delights!

Cheesecake with a cherry on top

Cherry on top

Tatty thought her incipient cherry sister ought to be the first one to try the lemon cheesecake decorated with a Hitty-sized cherry.  Tatty’s hands were coated in delicious substances while she offered treats to her little companion.


We’ve very much enjoyed this fleeting visit from our friends, Hitty fun is more so when it is shared!



22 thoughts on “Special Tea

  1. Although there are no Hitty friends nearby for our household, it is always a pleasure to enjoy seeing and sharing what the Quimper Hittys are up to.

    • It feels almost like a Hitty conversation to us when our friends comment here on the blog! But we love it when Hitty friends appear here in Victoria! We’ve been lucky this year to have two Hitty visitations, and the Quimper Hittys have been out and about visiting two Hitty friends in their houses.

    • That’s probably true – there were many tables full of tea-drinkers, but none of the others had little wooden people diving into whipped cream, divvying up desserts, wrestling with pots of jam and playing with the sugar tongs!

  2. oh such fun. How nice that even here in the rural hinterlands remote from any and all HItty friends (or fancy tea emporiums) I can enjoy such things with the Quimper Hittys and their marvelous human. Great pics.

  3. Just wonderful – tea with all the scrumptious snacks. Quimper hittys sure do have some good times together – thanks for sharing.

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