Aunt Tattie’s Devil’s Food Cake

Thank You Wiregrass Hitties

Thank You Wiregrass Hitties

Tatty was so inspired by the recent Tea at the Empress, that she wanted to make some delicious treats at home. Coincidentally, our Hitty friends over at Mad for the Farthing Crowd sent her this special recipe to try.

Too Delicious

Absolutely Delicious

It is amazing that this cake ever made it to the table!  It endured a backwards order of mixing ingredients, and chocolate on fire in the microwave complete with black smoke throughout the house. Then it was discovered that baking soda should not be added it to the buttermilk and left for a minute as it will foam right up and over the measuring cup and all over the counter. Last of all, it was discovered that cake pans dropped from height will result in big chunks of cake in all the wrong places.

However it was also discovered that raspberry jam makes an excellent cake glue, and cake cracks can be filled with chocolate icing. Tatty thought it was all very exciting and is keen to continue her education in the kitchen.

The result is delicious, however the humans have discovered why it is called Devil’s food cake.

Thanks so much for the Wiregrass Hitties for the recipe!


20 thoughts on “Aunt Tattie’s Devil’s Food Cake

  1. Hysterical story! This really is a dangerous cake to bake! The adventures with your Hitties are never boring. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. I am picturing Tattie immersed in foaming soda/buttermilk…or scurrying about gathering the chunks of exploded cake….Your word picture is delightful…altho I am sure the cook was not so amused at the time. Very funny…but in the end that cake looks quite delicious.

  3. The cook was so flustered that he forgot to take any pictures. Just as well really since it is an established fact that broken lens glass is not edible – the way things went the camera was bound to have shed its lens into the mixing bowl.

  4. What gusto! I believe I saw Tatty trying to pocket a sugar cube at the Empress. She is really very keen on the sweet things in life.

  5. How delightful! Tatty is surely going to want to try the recipe again. I’ve always been a believer that TASTE is what is important in cooking, NOT VISION!

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