The Merry Widow

Constance tries the Cancan

Constance tries the Cancan

 Constance was excited to go to the MET’s Live in HD presentation of  Franz Lehár’s Merry Widow, starring Renée Fleming as the eponymous femme fatale...

Today’s opera was packed full of convolutions, distractions and miscommunications – the usual fare for any opera, tragic or comic. You can guess from the title that there were no dead bodies lying around at the end.

Constance attempted to dance the cancan, but found she didn’t have quite the flexibility that the Grisettes did in the show – her spirit was willing but her pegs were not!

As we left the theatre, we heard someone exclaim that the charming and uplifting music was a veritable balm for the January blues, and we quite agree!  There were lovely lilting tunes, and quite a bit of exhibitionist if not downright risquée behaviour!  (click here to get to the MET website, and then click on the link to the video to see what we mean…)


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4 thoughts on “The Merry Widow

  1. Oh Constance! you are such an inspiration to the Country HIttys. They so enjoy your sophistication and artistic enlightenment! Not to mention your dance moves!!

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