Tatty’s Skirt

Gage Swatch

Gauge Swatch

The daughter of the family is a genius knitter!  She is responsible for the Dalahäst Sleeping Bags which appeared in this house two years ago.  (Click Here to see that post). Now she is embarking on a knitting project for the youngest human in the family.  The Hittys were the lucky recipients of the gauge swatch using glorious red and white wool…




The Quimper Hitty human is not a genius knitter, but fortunately capable of the minor adjustments needed to make this into an article of Hitty clothing…first unpicking the yarn down to just below the garter stitch row.





Then dampening the yarn and allowing it to dry wound round a glass, to straighten the kinks.



And finally knitting it back up as follows:  knit one round; (knit one, knit two together) repeat for one round; (knit one, make one, knit one) repeat for one round; bind off tightly.  The remaining tail of yarn was cut off and twisted into a drawstring, and this threaded through the holes made by the middle two rows of knitting.

Tatty's Finery

Tatty’s Finery

Tatty likes to wear red just as much as Carline does.  Here she is modelling the instant knitted skirt…she has also absconded with Tansy’s red flannelette vest, and feels dressed to the nines!






18 thoughts on “Tatty’s Skirt

    • The tricky bit was unpicking – there was something mysterious going on after each round, which the genius knitter in the family might be able to explain. Knit-speak is a bit of a secret language…I only know the very basics! The cuteness quotient in the doll-world will be reduced if you ever stop carving (and posting doll-tales)!

  1. Oh Tatty! We could all benefit from Tattys’ approach to life!! Grin and abscond with the red underwear!! Love the new skirt and love how pleased she is with it. And I did chuckle about the Knit Speak. Personally I am not conversant but I did appreciate the “cast off” joke!!

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