Tea with Dulcie and Constance

Anyone Thirsty?

Anyone Thirsty?

The smallest human in the family came over for a tea party the other day.  She thought her Hitty Dulcie and my Hitty Constance should wear their finest flannelette for the occasion…


Small Cups for Small People

Small Cups for Small People

Of course tea for small human or wooden people requires teacups proportionate to the occasion! 



M-M-M Lovely

M-M-M Lovely

Constance and Dulcie were delighted to observe the delicate manner with which the small human sipped her milky tea, and they only flinched a tiny bit when similar cups were offered to them!


Thanks to the Quimper Hitty’s favourite photographer, who captured the moment!


18 thoughts on “Tea with Dulcie and Constance

  1. Tender my thanks to the Hitty Family photographer for capturing this wonderful series of photos. Those of us without small humans in our lives thank you!! Such sweetness.

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