Shawl and Chemisette

Shawl Progress

Shawl Progress

The Quimper Hitty Human loves knitting, knotting and generally playing with string.  Fortunately the knit-along mystery shawl from Isolde on Ravelry is keeping us busy while our friend recovers from a flood in her loom room…Other aspects of life have kept us very busy around here and both Hittys and knitting have been somewhat neglected, but we’ve managed to accomplish 18 of the 22 rows in this week’s clue!



Carline has a smallish head, so her neck can appear proportionally long both in person and pictures, especially when compared to the other Hittys in the cupboard. The Quimper Hitty human is not usually in favour of lace at a Hitty dress neckline,  but a little bit seemed warranted here.



Fortunately there was a chemisette in the Hitty’s Under wear drawer.  After a few minor adjustments to the Broderie Anglaise, Carline’s ensemble has the perfect finishing touch. In days of yore, the white work was always separate from the dress. White work was washed separately and oftener, so Carline’s ensemble is authentic as well as pretty!



14 thoughts on “Shawl and Chemisette

    • I appreciate that, and you do know I was given hand-carving tips from a doll-carving genius! On the other hand the Hitty’s favourite photographer says she looks like she is asking for something!

  1. all of Carline is delightful and everything you do to embellish her is just icing on the cake. Love the white work with that wonderful red dress. Also enjoy seeing how the mystery shawl is coming along. Hope you have a nice week with time to play!!

    • I think Carline is blushing! I do love that dress, a dear friend sent me the fabric and I think of her every time I look at it…a bit of peace and quiet would be nice, this is the last week of the mystery shawl, so I had better catch up!!

  2. Yes. We have Hittys with that sad affliction. I can never tell just exactly what is wrong in the making of one to another, but some blanks just end up in longer, more elegant necks, some with necks that are a bit too thick and others yet with necks that are far too skinny, which I think is the worst affliction of all since there is not much you can do to disguise the fact.

    • Thanks, I like it better too! The fabric is roller-printed cotton, balanced plain weave, almost certainly dyed with Turkey Red (though I haven’t tested it), my linen-counter is at work or I’d tell you the epi and ppi, in the US it would be called calico because of the small print.

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