Hay Wain



Hattie was digging around in the toy cupboard when she came across a wooden farm set, with these two spavined draft horses and broken hay wain…






…first things first, and she got the poor old horses a drink of water…


Which is the Wright one?

Which is the Wright one?

After which she got out her tools and set about putting the wain to rights.






6 thoughts on “Hay Wain

  1. Are some of the QHittys moving toward farm life? It is very compassionate of Hattie to set things in order and give refreshment to the horses.

    • I have a lot of bits and pieces I inherited from my mother and grandmother…many of them broken or otherwise unplayable-with. Now that I have a two-year-old in my life I know why a lot of them are broken, but I want to repair some of them for her! Hattie like to help!

  2. Hattie is such a take charge person. And how lovely that she first tended to the comfort of the poor horses.
    I am sure she will have that Hay Wain in working order in no time!! …hmmm, does she have a hay field??

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