Hay Wain 3

Wheel touch-up

Wheel touch-up

After the glued axles were set, Hattie removed the Styrofoam spacers and painted the fancy new wheels to sort of match the old ones!






Then she and Min went out for a test drive…



Hold tight

Hold tight

Min held tight and Hattie encouraged the horses to gee up.




The fancy new wheels work just fine…Hattie says she is now called Hattie Wainwright!









14 thoughts on “Hay Wain 3

  1. Hattie would have been a welcome addition to any wagon train with her Wheel wright training! Great pictures. Love the one with horses, Min and Hattie. Hoping the Hay Wain does survive the smallest human. Luckily the horses look quite indestructible!

    • Hattie is going over to check out our red river cart to see whether it needs any attention! I think the little one will be OK with the farm set under supervision… she might even give Dulcie a little ride!

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