Tulip Disaster

Too much water

Too much water

 A little overenthusiastic watering has led to heartache in the tulip bowl garden.


Oh no

Oh no

One of the five bulbs has rotted, and has had to be excised. Agathe is feeling upset and guilty.


A decent burial

A decent burial

The girls have given it a decent burial in the outside garden, and hope for better results with the other four.




10 thoughts on “Tulip Disaster

  1. Ohhhhhh… We sympathize. This often happens at our house.
    Poor things – perhaps they require tea to lift their spirits (so long as they don’t share with the tulips!)

  2. Oh, poor Agathe! I’m sorry she is feeling guilty, but it is certainly not her fault. All plants can be wily. Better luck with the other four. Also… does that pot have drainage? Perhaps they need to be relocated to one that does.

  3. tragic photos….especially the one of the girls giving the deceased bulb a proper burial. We also struggle with the whole over/under water thing. Tell the girls that the Country Hittys feel their pain.

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