Arm Problems

Oh Woe

Oh Woe

Tansy and Dulcie experienced a bout of Grandpa-and-toddler-playtime.

Afterward, Grandpa, Dulcie and toddler were unscathed, but Tansy was put to bed with a broken arm-peg. It is not entirely clear whether Grandpa or toddler was responsible for the mishap, but we are all glad to live in a household that encourages playing with dolls, no matter what the risk.

Luckily the Quimper Hitty human can easily replace the peg, and Tansy gets to lie around in the glorious bed for a couple of days.


9 thoughts on “Arm Problems

  1. Tansy will surely feel better after the rousing doll play….I think anyone who gets to lie in the “glorious bed” would get better quickly.

    • Tansy is the second-oldest Hitty in the cupboard, and has seen all manner of mishaps and their successful amelioration. She has no qualms, after all the Quimper Hitty Human has a PhD in mending!

      • I hope she does not mind an un-credentialed repair done while the mender was at work! Not by the grandchild, I hasten to add.

  2. Oh my I did chuckle thinking of the look on Grandpa and Toddler when Tansy came undone!! Of course she is in just the right place for speedy and complete repair! How great that both Gramps and the youngling are encouraged to play with her. Hittys do need to be played with. And now I confess that even tho there are neither Grampas nor toddlers in our house dear little HItty Inga has suffered the loss of…a leg!!!n In fact she has become entirely leg less!! The poor dear will have to make do with our rather more clumsy repairs here in the country. Thank you for your altogether encouraging post. Great photos!!

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