Shooting Stars

Grassy Meadow

Grassy Meadow

Walking on a grassy hillside, Tansy found something beautifully Pink!

Absorbing Beauty

Absorbing Beauty

She and Constance sat on the mossy rocks and felt lucky to be part of this incredible world.


Dodecatheon pulchellum

Dodecatheon sp.

They think one of the loveliest moments of spring is when the delicate Shooting Star flowers are out.

Upside Down Flowers

Upside Down Flowers

The buds hang down from the stems, but then the coloured sepals fold back so the flowers seem like they are inside-out!

Spring joy

Spring joy

Could it get more perfect than this?



13 thoughts on “Shooting Stars

  1. No, it can’t get much more perfect than that…but, perhaps if at the end of the walk, while still on the grassy hillside, you might encounter a doll banquet with a Spring theme …that might add to the perfection. Of course, the dolls would invite the human to partake with them.

      • Yes, Putrella is immense and she surprised everyone this week by suddenly bursting into bloom completely unexpected. The Muttart staff thought that she wouldn’t bloom again for decades, but she had her own plans!

  2. we are also enjoying spring here in Mo. So happy to see the girls out and about. Those shooting stars resemble our columbines in shape. Shooting stars…what a lovely name! Thank you for sharing.

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