Berry Treat


Strawberry Blossom

Strawberry Blossom

Unfortunately, the berries around here are mostly at the flowering stage…



Blackberry Chocolate

Blackberry Chocolate

Fortunately for us, our new friends from Colombia gave us a very delicious substitute!





15 thoughts on “Berry Treat

  1. You are one of my beautiful and creative bloggers, always fascinates me. Maybe I am not writing comment all your posts, but be sure, I love them all… As always compositions, details, dress, and actions,…etc. everything makes them alive… you almost take me into this photographical stories and I don’t want to come back from this stories 🙂 Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, love, nia

  2. I am delighted with Min’s dress…how perfect for her! She looks really ready to tear into that chocolate bar.
    great pics of the strawberry blossoms.

    • Min does have a certain gleam in her eye, that Chocolate bar had better watch out! Her dress is cute, isn’t it, I like it too! We are so happy it is ice cream dress weather around here!

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