Haida Canoes

Doll on top

Doll on top of the bottom

Tansy was enamoured of the Haida canoes stored under shelter at the Haida Heritage Centre!

Upside Down Prow

Upside Down Stem

A little wooden doll doesn’t always remind one of the tree of origin, but a Haida Canoe does!


Going Forward

Going Forward

 Tansy envied this Canoe…it must have a truly amazing point of view when it’s in the sea water,



Paddle to the Sea

Paddle to the Sea

…and Tansy spotted a painted paddler on this canoe!




Baskets and Paddle

Baskets and Paddle

She didn’t come home with a Hitty-sized canoe, but her obliging photographer kindly bought her a wee paddle made by Leon Ridles …It’s a start!

Tansy’s little baskets were made by Maxine Edgars.





16 thoughts on “Haida Canoes

  1. what amazing canoes…the painting is so striking. no wonder Tansy was enamored. I suspect she is already planning on how to get her own canoe and paint it!

  2. Tansy is such a small chip off the log when compared to the canoes. Have just received info via the guild regarding a 10 basket weaving workshop on Haida Gwaii with Delores Churchill – June 8-17. It’s pricey, I’m trying to justify it and think it will fill up quickly. email me if you want more info.

  3. Great choice of subject and a very interesting travelogue – Tansy must have deeply ingrained sense of adventure. 🙂

  4. Ooooooooh Ahhhhhhhhh!
    All the Waterbug Hittys are wanting a new dinghy – with a fancy paint job!

  5. Tansy really likes the canoe. She also loves the water – Maybe her human friends can make her a little canoe???

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