Windy Spring Evening

green sanctuary

green sanctuary

After a pleasant day with a visiting friend from Northern Ireland,  Carline hopped into my pocket and enjoyed a windy evening walk with the visitor and the Hitty’s favourite photographer, who was trying out a borrowed camera lens….

blowing waves

blowing waves

…the wind tossed and waved the yellow grass around…

view from erratic

view from erratic

…and splattered salt water on the glacial erratic by the sea.

furled poppies

furled poppies

It must be time to return to the cupboard if the poppies are already furled!!


All the pictures today are thanks to the Hittys favourite photographer and his fancy borrowed lens!




16 thoughts on “Windy Spring Evening

    • The Quimper Hittys favourite photographer enjoyed playing with the borrowed lens, which was several orders of magnitude bigger and heavier than a Hitty… he sure knows his way around a piece of fancy equipment, and Hittys make such obliging subjects!

  1. You have such a wide variety of natural habitats! The favorite photographer with borrowed lens caught it all very nicely….and of course, with a Hitty involved, well, that makes each photo even more precious.

    • And this was just a two minute walk from the Quimper Hitty cupboard! the photos are pretty wonderful, and the human and Hittys are very grateful to the photographer’s genius and affability!

  2. Amazing wind photos! The Quimper Hittys must be VERY impressed by the photographer’s talent at using the lens carefully and wonderfully!

  3. The Hittys’ favorite photographer captured incredible beauty with the borrowed lens. What amazing diversity nature has gifted you with! You are blessed, and we are blessed to have you share it with us 🙂 Thank you!

    • We love the beauty their favourite photographer captures, seemingly effortlessly. and are always happy because he likes to share with us. He likes it when we share with you too, so you are very welcome!

      • Thank you tottie – I rarely take the photos here. That is mostly the Quimper Hitty goddess (as those Hittys she has created refer to her) that wields the camera in these parts, and does a great job without my help. But sometimes it is fun to get them to sit for some portraits, or to allow me to test a lens in their general direction.

  4. The favorite photographer is an artist with those lens. Lovely photos, I could feel the wind in my face just seeing them.

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