Hattie Watering

Watering Can

Watering Can

There has been no rain for a long time here and we are on watering restrictions already. Hattie has been making many trips out to the strawberry pots with her watering can…

One Berry

One Berry

Her perseverance has resulted in one more berry… the berries are only ripening one at a time…

Three girls

Three girls

…so for the sake of peace in the Hitty cupboard, it is lucky that the local raspberries are now ripe and in the store!





13 thoughts on “Hattie Watering

    • One at a time is rather tortuous for the Humans, but Hattie doesn’t mind too much – at least this way she doesn’t have to slave over the woodstove making strawberry preserves! What does a white strawberry taste like?

  1. Lucky for Hittys that a single berry can give each one a taste. We big folk have to resort to imagination in such situations.

    • It is lucky! The humans think the lack of strawberry situation is pretty dire around here, and are not as imaginative (nor, it must be confessed persevering enough) as Hattie. We are all anticipating the raspberry crops with glee.

  2. Hattie and her watering can are quite fetching. So sorry to hear of your water restrictions.. .Here at the farm we are squelching…so much rain!! Our strawberries are standing in water…Hope some will come your way.

  3. It actually did rain today 2 mm though we weren’t expecting any, and it won’t make any changes in the restrictions! Maybe your Hittys will need to pick berries from a raft!

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