Needles and Pins

Needles and Pins

Some of the Quimper Hittys have been carrying on with domestic life in the Hitty cupboard – doing laundry and sorting out boxes of pins etc…



…but Tansy went off to Haida Gwaii again for an archaeological survey with her favourite photographer.  Properly dressed for fieldwork this time, she even brought a trowel along in case there was any digging to be done…


More about Tansy’s adventures in the days to come…




14 thoughts on “Carrying-on

  1. Tansy sure comes prepared for any adventure!!!! Who knows, she might uncover some great significant artefact!!! Hope she shares all with the less fortunate girls who do not go on archeological survey/fielld trips!!!

  2. …and that doesn’t make the pin sorting any less valuable….some gals (including human) should be sorting paints and brushes around here….

  3. oh another lovely adventure with Tansy and her favorite photographer..what fun. Do I see jeans peeking beneath
    her impressive coat? She is indeed prepared. Meanwhile back that cupboard they also serve who wait!!

    • Yes Tansy wore her work clothes on this jaunt – she was more comfortable getting in and out of boats, and clambering around on shorelines…the left behinders are slightly jealous, but they have their own fun!

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