Sandes of Time

Step to the bed

Step to the bed

The humans are busy visiting and preparing to give a lecture to the Oregon Archaeology society, and Gráinne has been busy visiting Birch.  Meanwhile, Constance has been exploring the B&B… the dolls usually find human beds rather tall, but in this case even the humans had a set of steps to get up to the lofty mattress!

Hallway Sideboard

Hallway Sideboard

A well-appointed sideboard with tea and coffee makings is right outside the door, Constance thinks this is a great idea…

Tea Pot in the Secret Garden Room

Tea Pot in the Secret Garden Room

…and what’s more, there is a little teapot right inside the bedroom!

Little Chair

Little Chair

Constance appreciated that there were even some attempts to accommodate very small people,

Dining Room House

Dining Room House

and especially liked the wee house and sheep in the dining room.




8 thoughts on “Sandes of Time

  1. I think Constance is one of the most capable Hittys that there is. She struck me today with her steadfastness and stalwart character. Thank you, Constance.

    • The B&B was extremely nice, comfortable and quiet. The humans spent two very pleasant evenings there, and for the second morning, the kind hosts made a bagged breakfast since we all left at the crack of dawn.

  2. As always Constance is perfectly “turned out” to suit her surroundings. I think your B&B is very appealing, I agree with Constance that the dining room sheep and house are perfect. Hope the lectures go very well for the Hitty Humans. I am sure they will both be fascinating.

  3. Constance thought if the house were to be slightly larger and the sheep slightly smaller, they would be ideal, but appreciates the effort to accommodate small persons, and never would say such a thing out loud.

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