January Garden with Cats



In between rainshowers some of the Quimper Hittys took a little wander in the spring bulb garden pots – Gillyflower wondered if the cat wanted to play with her!


Narcissus Snouts

Narcissus Snouts

…but Carrot Soup and Eugenia directed her attention to some little green snouts…the same colour as Carrot Soup’s boots!



Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

…and then Gilly spotted a Grape Hyacinth!



Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

The Witch Hazel looks on the verge of blooming…




…and the Pussywillow made them all happy, from the roots of their hair right down to the toes of their boots!


10 thoughts on “January Garden with Cats

  1. Life is springing back!!!! Ah!!!!!! Gillyflower Is learning all about Quimper neighbourhood!!!! That cat seems very taken by her…do you suppose he’d like to play too?

  2. It gives me such a warm feeling to see your dolls in the throes of what is winter there versus the frigidity here in the Midwestern USA. Thanks for warming me up with all of these Spring-like signs and of course the joy that’s evident on the dolls faces.

    • We have seen a few snowdrops, though not in our yard. I bought the Witch Hazel last year because I knew it would bloom really early and be an encouraging sight from our back window. Luckily the Apple tree missed it when it fell down!

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