Narcissus outside, in

Narcissus outside

Narcissus outside

The narcissus in the garden are so plentiful, and beautiful, and cheerful  that…



…Tatty brought some indoors!





13 thoughts on “Narcissus outside, in

  1. You do know, don’t you, Tatty, that you are brightening and cheering us all up around the world with your vibrant flower photos? Well, you are…thank you.

  2. Oh Tatty dear…you make me so happy to see you and those beautiful flowers. Can’t wait till our flowers start to bloom in this area…but seeing you with the flowers is the best treat of all.

    • Flowers are very cheering, especially when there is an impish doll to help admire them…we think a bouquet of flowers (hot-house or garden) is almost a necessity of life!

  3. Ours are just starting to bloom…yours are so pretty. I do so love cut flowers in a vase. Tatty looks quite pleased with herself and her large bouquet.

  4. Thanks for sharing the flowers….heavy snow coming down on us today so……no sign of flowers here yet! Hopefully, this won’t last too longand meanwhile, Tatty is cheering us on!

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