Patience’s Dress



Patience has been sitting in her nightgown, in the Hitty cupboard for months. Then, a friend  gave the Quimper Hitty human some fabric pieces all cut out, and a pattern for putting them together…



…Tatty was very enthusiastic about helping turn the pieces into a dress for Patience…




…and helped during all stages of the project.



She liked pinning up the hem…



…and though Patience was a little anxious during this stage,



…they were both pleased with the final result…

No Thanks

No Thanks

…but, wouldn’t you like a dress too, Tatty dear?


Tatty prefers less formal attire.


Thank you, Hitty friend, for the pretty fabrics, all ready to assemble into this sweet dress!




22 thoughts on “Patience’s Dress

  1. Patience is such a dear thing…and to now have such a summery frock. She is pretty as a picture and Tatty was a wonderful helper. I am also a fan of that hedgehog pin cushion!

  2. I agree that the blue dress is simply gorgeous! Lucky Hittys to know a talented seamstress who is ready and willing to sew for them!!

  3. What a cheerful fabric for Patience’s new dress and the plain bodice and sleeves really made the dress pop. She looks so happy in it. Loved the spool of thread she used to stand on for her fitting. Hittys know how to make the best use of what’s at hand. I admire Tatty for her self-awareness in knowing what makes her comfortable.

    • We love spools, they turn up a lot in the Quimper Hitty Cupboard! and Tatty has always known her own mind, but is so cheerful about it, you can’t help but smile at her!

  4. It is so fun to see “the dress” in the making. So happy that Patience received the dress just made for her. The white pinafore is perfect with the dress, too. It must have been a hankie at one time? Lovely embroidery on it, and goes great with the dress. So amazingly creative and industrious. Thanks so much for sharing this story.

    • It is perfect on Patience! It’s almost as though you were thinking of her when you cut the fabric out for the dress. You are right, the pinafore is the corner of an embroidered hanky – doesn’t it look well next to that beautiful blue?

  5. PS: I love all the blue accents added to each photo. In photo #4 I can see the difference in the back and front of the solid blue fabric, and you picked the best one. Tatty’s collar almost matches that blue. She could use a copy of the dress with a white bodice so her collar could be added. OH, my. Yes. I also love the hedgehog pin cushion and the use of the spool of (again, blue) thread. Your props are one of your hidden secrets to great photos and stories.

    • Thank you! The colours sometimes seem to arrange themselves – the props catch my eye, and then just fall into place. It always amuses us to play with pieces of cloth, and we loved making up the dress – thanks for the fun!

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