Bubble Bath



Sometimes when the world doesn’t make sense, Constance retreats to the bathroom…




…where fiction and bubble bath help the crazy world recede for a while.



12 thoughts on “Bubble Bath

  1. I hope the sudsy, warm, comforting bath and book of fiction, helped ease Constance’s worldly concerns. I too think bathtubs are great places to retreat to….I’m so grateful for them.

  2. Constance is the epitome of kindness, and like all gentle souls, needs to restore her equanimity. Healing water is an excellent way to do it. I loved the subtle message of her bath mat. Weaving is one of the best ways there is to bring calm into the chaos.

    • Weaving does that for me too – and the healing waters of a bath (though I hadn’t thought of it that way before – thanks). Constance loves the rainbow bath mat I made out of recycled plastic shopping bags. All colour is indispensable, beloved and beautiful.

  3. Dear Constance, I spent the day quietly working on embroidery with no news on. Needed the respite. Thank you for putting it all so gently.

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