National Aboriginal Day 2016

Louie Screening

Louie Screening

While the archaeologists worked hard at digging and screening dirt on Quadra Island last week,

Tansy Loafing

Tansy Loafing

… Tansy loafed around on the bracken ferns.





After work, she took a closer look at Louie’s hat.

Up close

Up close

It is a pretty wonderful hat – Louie says it sheds water, is cool and is the first hat made by his wife!

June 21 is National Aboriginal Day in Canada.  Tansy is proud to have worked with indigenous archaeologists on a project searching for signs of their earliest ancestors.



15 thoughts on “National Aboriginal Day 2016

  1. Bet Tansy was of great help! That precious wooden is always willing to take on some new adventure! Positively an asset to any team!

    • Tansy always helps! Sometimes she directs, sometimes she admires, sometimes she supervises, and sometimes she encourages! All very helpful, and ready to rough it with the rest!

  2. Oh, what a glorious experience…what a marvelous opportunity to be a part of this type of expedition. How great that the indigenous archaeologists have opportunity to look for their own past. Thank you!

  3. Another unique and uplifting story. Tansy has a rich and wonderful life…something that all Hitty’s seen to have in common. I am so grateful that a sweet and precious Hitty came into my life and enriched it with the wonder and joy I had as a child and also for the wonderful Quimper Hitty humans and their little wooden beings. Sincerely from the bottom of my growing heart…Thank You.

    • You are so welcome! We are very glad that Tansy goes along on these trips, and comes back replete with tales! She and her favourite photographer are very generous with sharing their adventures!

    • Many beautiful hats on the west coast! Louie’s is red cedar – it is both more available in this neck of the woods, and the traditional material for this kind of hat in this area!

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