Walrus Habits

Walrus Loafing

Walrus Loafing

Opal and Agathe thought they might adapt to the habits of walruses, and experimented both at home…



…and at the Beach.



However, they found the extended sessions of lying around extremely tedious, and the stabbing of each other with their tusks too unfriendly.  So they decided to climb the bedrock to gain a little perspective on seashore life!

A Lady Walrus!

A Lady Walrus!

When they spotted a lady Walrus gazing out to sea, they  fell off the rock in excitement! Opal now has a divot in her cheek, which she says is actually a dimple from smiling all the time.



Madame Walrus was delighted to make their acquaintance, though she admitted to be a little downcast since her little boy walrus swam off to join the big walrus boys.

It is the habit of walrus babies to hang around with their mothers for two to five years. After that, the boys swim off and join the male walrus groups, whose main “activity” on shore appears to be lying around, and stabbing each other with their tusks.

Ready for a ride

Ready for a ride

Opal and Agathe knew exactly how to cheer up Madame Walrus, and invited her home to the Quimper Hitty Cupboard…

Little One!

Little One!

The population of Quimper Hitty cupboard walrus-watching enthusiasts has increased!

Click here for the Alaska walrus-cam website!

The former owner of Madame W.  hearing how much we loved watching walruses on the webcam, offered the Quimper Hittys  a gift exchange. A dollhouse icebox went to live in her dollhouse, and Mme Walrus came to live with us!

By a truly amazing coincidence, Mme W,  her spectacular parka and her wee one are the creations of one of  my blog followers, the host of the Tottie Talks Crafts blog. (click here for the wonderful website!)

This is truly an amazing world!!!!!





13 thoughts on “Walrus Habits

  1. It seems like wonders will never cease. M Walrus is a lovely addition to your household friends and, what a chance meeting on that beach!

  2. No human or Hitty gives me as many out load laughs and smiles as Opal + Agathe. Their antics and life perspectives never fail to charm me. The lady walrus certainly found two compassionate friends and friends always help to soothe wounded spirits. The two wee Hittys in the walrus cap look very safe and comfy.

  3. I looked at Mme Walrus and I thought- Oh! she looks very familiar! I used to make dolls like that! LOL….. how magical that she ended up in the Quimper Hitty household…. our dolls have stories to tell, don’t they? 🙂

  4. what a fun outing for the block sisters. My girls were quite amazed by the walrus’s. Since we are in a terrific heat wave they thought that wrapping up in the walrus blankies would be smothering but flinging oneself into the water sounded rather enticing. Hope that Mme Walrus is a happy addition to the cupboard. I love her parka!

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