Evening Shore



After one hectic day, and before the next, Constance found time in the evening to stroll along the peaceful shore. She walked past the comfy wooden chairs on the bluff …




…and passed by the fence overlooking the grassy foreshore.



The concrete steps were cold and clammy, and not very inviting…



…but this driftwood log was perfect!



We love the shore at evening time.



16 thoughts on “Evening Shore

    • Not very warm around here these days, Victoria is having a cool, damp spell. We are quite ready for a bit of summer warmth, but it isn’t happening yet. Oh well, Constance (and I) just put on another sweater!

  1. Being so near the shore like you and the Hittys are is indeed very special. Walking along such a peaceful and majestic foreshore (a word that forced me to look up its meaning…not the first time the Hittys have sent me to my dictionary) is the perfect setting to recharge our emotional batteries or just relax and drink it all in.

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