A Bear



At the South end of Dolomite Narrows, Tansy saw a bear meandering along the edge of the shore turning over rocks looking for eels and crabs, (click here for a map of the location).

Under a rock

Under a rock

The bears on Haida Gwaii are a sub-species of black bear, Ursus americanus carlottae which has long legs and a massive skull. Tansy wished this one well in its foraging…


Yummy treats

Yummy treats

…but she was glad that the Passing Cloud crew includes a professional chef and the passengers weren’t left looking under rocks for food!



7 thoughts on “A Bear

  1. Viewing all this beauty is calming and uplifting. Those food balls look yummy. Can’t discern if they are sweet treats or food packed with nutrition.

      • LOL…. perhaps the Hittys might prefer Honey cakes? The Block Twins would probably adopt the eels and crabs and the teddy bears would not have an opportunity to feast upon the sea creatures. 🙂

  2. I was quite pleased to see Tansy was viewing the bear (long legged and MASSIVE skull) from safe distance and aboard the boat!

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