Our friend the Dollhouse Lady  gave us a really beautiful dark-stained rocking chair made in Quebec by artisan Albert Nadeau. To the complete and utter amazement of the Quimper Hitty’s human, we found two more chairs by the same artist in a consignment store.

Fait par A Nadeau

Fait par A Nadeau

One of the light-coloured rockers has this little copper tag stuck to the bottom.



…the Hittys were overjoyed – they find rocking a soothing activity.

Temporary Peace

Temporary Peace

…at least sometimes it is soothing…

Cat Up

Cat Up

…but not when the cat wants to climb up…

Flowers Down

Flowers Down

and the flowers succumb to gravity.

Many thanks to the Hittys favourite photographer for the last three pictures!


19 thoughts on “Rocking

  1. The Quimper human wins the Clever Shopper award for the month…maybe the whole year!! How marvelous for the girls. The Country Hittys are great fans of rocking chairs and rocking as is their human. Lovely chairs!

    • I almost didn’t win the award – I though the shop was asking too much, and the rocking chairs were in a set with other things I didn’t want so I didn’t get them at first. Then I spent a couple of weeks regretting not getting them, but they were still there when I finally got the chance to go back – phew! The Hittys were very glad I came to my senses in time!

  2. What an awesome find. These rocking chairs are beautiful. I especially admire the curve of the seat. I see that Hitty cat is finding all three rockers to be “Goldilocks purr-fect.

  3. Lovely gift and fantastic find…rocking, tea, Hittys and good photographs! The QHs bring us so many “gifts” each and every time.

  4. This just delighted me! I have one of those rockers, a gift from friends who visited Canada. Same exact little tag. And I just love mine, too. But then, I love full-sized rockers, too, and have a nice group of them.

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