Piñata Party

Why didn't you say so!

Why didn’t you say so!

¿Eres tu José? ¿Tu esposa es María? Entren, peregrinos, no los conocía.

Is that you Joseph? Your wife is Mary? Come in, pilgrims – I didn’t recognize you!

Party food!

Party food!

All the pilgrims were finally invited in….they walked through the house to the patio out back. There they found decorations and food for a big fiesta!



The Quimper Hittys were given a wonderful Piñata!   Valeria, a student from México made it specially for them, and filled it with confetti, tiny sweets and oranges.



The girls took turns trying to break the piñata by whacking it with a stick while  blindfolded.

Tansy in charge

Tansy in charge

They couldn’t bear to really break it, so they just pretended…

Que Rica comida

Que Rica comida

…and ended the night by feasting on gooey sweets and delicious fruit!

The lanterns are made using artificial tea lights, and Japanese lantern husks…thanks very much to notesfrombjorkasa for this idea!!! (click here for a link to this awesome blog) The Quimper Hittys love the result!

14 thoughts on “Piñata Party

  1. Glorious ending indeed. Finding that one had such special guests would indeed call for a party such as you have given. Thank you for the cheer.

  2. I can see that the fun is in “full swing” …so to speak… with that wonderful piñata and all those scrumptious goodies. This is the most wonderful time of the year. I spy another Hitty friend has come to join in the festivities.

  3. what a wonderful ending to the “story” and what a marvelous party. Such a Merry Christmas posting. The girls are lovely in their new dresses.

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