Walking Home Along the Shore



Aurelia and Crow found it very hypnotic to watch the waves rolling in and rolling out …



…then they saw some splashing…

River Otter

River Otter

…it was an otter diving for dinner, and coming to the surface to chomp on fish and crabs!



Crow considered taking a little chomp of Aurelia’s coat – it looked good enough to eat…



…because it looks a lot like this sweet.



After a little taste experiment, crow and Aurelia agreed the candy was delicious and less fluffy on the tongue than felt!!


16 thoughts on “Walking Home Along the Shore

  1. I’m with the crow…Aurelia’s coat look good enough to eat!!! But wise beyond her years Aurelia found the perfect solution! Loved it!!!

  2. This is what I’m talking about when I comment that your stories have beauty, humor, and a surprising little twist “sewn into it” …and you “weave” them so seemingly naturally. I adore your Hittys and blog. You are one of a kind and oh so unique and creative.
    How did you get Aurelia to stand on that rock, in yesterday’s story, without her falling over??????

    • Hitty Aurelia’s elastic joints are very good! They hold her leg and arm poses pretty well and she is quite willing to stand up if she is perfectly balanced…. Also in one of the pictures her little toes are tucked under a convenient bolt head sticking up out of a fence rail…

  3. There is something about the sea that is calming and restful and renewing to the spirit.

    Just love her little crow companion as well. She is making good use of that coat.

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